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Personal Training  
Need that extra bit of motivation or that little bit of expert advice on a one-to-one basis? Then our Personal Training could be for you! Taking place at our exclusive, private studio your session will be individually designed to meet your fitness aims and goals.  

We can also visit your own home. Please contact us to discuss your particular requirements.

Not So Personal Training 
Simply put, this is personal training with a friend. The support of a friend and the added motivation that brings is a popular option for many of our clients. Whilst the expertise of the trainer is shared you have the benefit of sharing the cost with your friend. 

Fitness Classes 
Got a group of friends with similar aims and goals? Why not let us tailor a fitness class for you! Unlike most other fitness classes, we keep out group classes small (between 6 and 10) so we can make sure we incorporate all your needs. All you have to do is turn up with your group at a time that suits you and let us put you through your paces!

Executive Packages
Got a special event approaching and need that push to shed a few extra pounds? If so the Executive Package could be for you! Usually over a four week period this intensive course which combines personal training sessions with consultations from our fully qualified Nutritionist will help you meet your goals.

Fitness Testing 
Joining the armed forces or emergency services? Got a fitness test coming up? Let us replicate the test for you and put you through a "mock" test so you have every confidence in passing the real thing!

Want to know a bit more about your body? Then let us tell you with a full body MOT measuring blood pressure, body fat percentages and hips to waist ratios. We can even set you up with a fitness programme to undertake in your own time. (Note this is a body fitness test and not a medical assessment. All medical assessments must be undertaken by your doctor)
Boot Camps

COMING SOON in 2010!